Sales opportunities will arise at Netzone Real Estate as our coverage and market penetration increases.

Netzone’s Business Plan

Netzone, the Company – Everything to do with establishing a New Model Real Estate Agency – a model that places the Consumer at the TOP of the stakeholders list, then Salespersons, then Company – the opposite of the current Conglomerate.

Our goal is to build a Real Estate Agency delivering real savings to consumers, and a fairer, more responsible partnership arrangement with its Salespeople.

An integral, and vital ingredient of the Netzone plan, is to provide a business environment where professional salespeople can flourish, and earn an income commensurate with the qualifications, experience, and high level of customer service that Netzone demands.

A key ingredient of this formula is the fundamental belief that the Model, Marketing, and Management should be strong enough to attract business by delivering powerful benefits to consumers, and therefore, to Netzone salespeople alike.

The current model Agencies, fixated on salespeople numbers as the ONLY way to compete, have successfully transferred the responsibility, and costs, for obtaining Property Listings to their Salespeople….

Our goal is to rectify this – Netzone Salespeople will spend 60% to 70% of their time selling – not listing.

Couple this, more selling, with our policy of controlled team growth to match business growth, and professional salespeople will achieve a higher level of both job satisfaction, and personal remuneration at Netzone than under the traditional, obsolete model.

After familiarising yourself with Netzones values, beliefs, and goals, as outlined on our website, and if you’re excited about being part of the future – then call me for a confidential discussion of opportunities available and all relevant details.

Art Rolfe A.R.E.I.N.Z
Mobile: 021736430
Netzone Real Estate LTD

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