We’ve struck the Trifecta….

  1. A couple of years ago we had several seriously derogatory, libelous comments from a Lugtons Salesperson on the Netzone Real Estate facebook page – I had a chat to David Lugton who was equally appalled at the late night comments, and insisted the salesman publicly withdraw and apologize to us.

The Lugtons salesman did so, again, on our page. I could have left the comments there, along with his grovelling apology, but I chose to remove them and let us all move on.

  1. About 2 months ago, A “ Trainer “ at Harcourts also felt the need to post on our page, more comments intended to publicly insult us and the vendors who choose to support Netzone for providing great service delivered by experienced Agents while charging a fair and reasonable fee.

The “Trainer” proved by his comments that he has no idea of the difference between fixed overheads affecting a business regardless of income, and overheads which are directly proportional to results, ie, overheads which are sustainable regardless of market conditions.

An old saying springs to mind – Nice Guy, well dressed, no bloody idea….

3. And last night, again late in the evening and perhaps spurred on by a bit of Dutch Courage, more derogatory and insulting comments, this time by a Lodge salesman….


Last nights comments by the Lodge salesman not only targeted Netzone Real Estate, but also mentioned by name, and insulted, Mike Pero Real Estate, and Tall Poppy…

 The three of us, Netzone, Mike Pero and Tall Poppy, are all experienced and professional Real Estate Companies choosing to use our experience, expertise and technology to bring change to the Real Estate Industry and a fairer deal to consumers.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s a bit of doubt creeping in among st the traditional Agencies and they’re starting to sweat a bit as they realize we’re here to stay and change is inevitable.

Anyway, while they’re worrying their little lives away, we at Netzone will keep up the hard work, delivering great service and results for our clients, while charging a fair fee with no exorbitant add ons…

So yes, we’ve struck the Trifecta…

Insults and derogatory comments on our Netzone business facebook page and our posts by salesmen from Hamiltons’ big 3, the ol Cartel…

We’ll take that as a compliment…

Art Rolfe AREINZ


Netzone Real Estate Ltd.