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Your dream lifestyle property, A peaceful rural vista – one to die for!

I bought a copy of the Local Rag last Saturday – (not that I ever read it anymore, like the majority of Serious Buyers and Property People, I research property online), But I do like to see what the traditional agents are up to every now and then, and just what they're spending those exorbitant fees on - so I had a count up… FIFTY, YES, AROUND 50 PAGES OF [...]

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40% Saved on commission and costs?

CAPTAIN COMMISSION RIDES, UM, FLIES AGAIN.... One of our Happy Vendors made and sent me this, - Who am I to argue - Love it - they said that, on other Traditional Agents Quotes to sell their Home, ( around $800,000 ), they saved around 15,000 bucks - now that's a real tick for Hamilton's New Model Real Estate Agent - Netzone - doing things differently, and saving home sellers [...]

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