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Myths, Fallacies, and just plain Porkies

Netzone Real Estate - in Business in Hamilton now for just over a year, and here's just a few of the irrational and desperate myths, and Porkies, we've had told to some of our vendors by several of the Traditional Agents, and their managers, as they try to nullify Netzone, and justify and perpetuate, their old school habits and their 4% fees and add on costs. ' Fly by Nighters [...]

By |2016-03-18T17:04:52+13:00November 11th, 2015|Real Estate News, The Evolution of Real Estate|0 Comments

Your dream lifestyle property, A peaceful rural vista – one to die for!

I bought a copy of the Local Rag last Saturday – (not that I ever read it anymore, like the majority of Serious Buyers and Property People, I research property online), But I do like to see what the traditional agents are up to every now and then, and just what they're spending those exorbitant fees on - so I had a count up… FIFTY, YES, AROUND 50 PAGES OF [...]

By |2016-03-18T17:11:49+13:00September 22nd, 2015|Real Estate News|0 Comments

40% Saved on commission and costs?

CAPTAIN COMMISSION RIDES, UM, FLIES AGAIN.... One of our Happy Vendors made and sent me this, - Who am I to argue - Love it - they said that, on other Traditional Agents Quotes to sell their Home, ( around $800,000 ), they saved around 15,000 bucks - now that's a real tick for Hamilton's New Model Real Estate Agent - Netzone - doing things differently, and saving home sellers [...]

By |2016-03-18T17:20:17+13:00August 1st, 2015|Real Estate News, selling a property|0 Comments
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