Open Homes, do’s and don’ts….

How to maximise your chance for a quick sale and to gain the best possible price for your property. What to do for Open Homes Here are some quick and common sense ideas when your home is open to the public Lock away valuables or take them with you Remove pets where possible Make sure the atmosphere is light and warm Display fresh flowers if possible Add pleasant aromas such [...]

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The Perfect Storm – Real Estate Style…

THE PERFECT STORM – REAL ESTATE STYLE… And it’s centred over New Zealand…   The Big One - It’s arrived, it’s here, and looking for Landfall... So what is “The perfect real estate storm“ - well, simply put, it’s arriving at a time when a set of changed conditions enable Real Estate transactions to be conducted in the same professional way, with no reduction in service to the consumer, but [...]

Selling your house? Sales methods explained.

Thinking about selling your house, but confused over all those terms you hear? Wondering about the different sales options you see out there, then here are some answers and explanations to commonly asked questions about the various methods of sale. The most beneficial method of Marketing your Property is determined by the prevailing Market Conditions, Property type and Price Range, and vendors’ individual requirements and time frame. Generally speaking, when [...]

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Hamilton Real Estate – The Slices get smaller

Hamilton Real Estate - A Smaller slice of the Pie…. As we head into the dark of winter, the traditional slowing down of Listings, combined with unprecedented demand as the Auckland effect overflows to the regions, is hitting hard on stock levels in Hamilton and the surrounding towns. The result – rapidly escalating prices, a great time to sell. You will achieve top price for your property, and with greater [...]

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Conjunctional Sales and the Hamilton Club Scene

  Hamilton – commonly known in Real Estate circles as the Conjunctional Capital of NZ…. What are Conjunctional Sales ? Conjunctional Sales occur when the Agent who holds the exclusive rights to sell a property, presumably to deliver benefits to the Vendor, then allows only  pre selected Agents to bring customers to the property, and in the event of a sale, the commission is shared between all parties. A wee [...]

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“Death of Traditional Real Estate Franchises”

The “DEATH OF TRADITIONAL REAL ESTATE FRANCHISES“ As sure as Night follows day, the Decline and Death of the current Franchises will follow the Death of Newspapers. The “DEATH OF NEWSPAPERS“ is well under way. With the arrival of the Internet, around 2000, Newsprint Advertising as the preferred advertising medium for Consumer services has gone into free fall,  see here First, Motor Vehicles disappeared from the pages, then Jobs - [...]

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Myths, Fallacies, and just plain Porkies

Netzone Real Estate - in Business in Hamilton now for just over a year, and here's just a few of the irrational and desperate myths, and Porkies, we've had told to some of our vendors by several of the Traditional Agents, and their managers, as they try to nullify Netzone, and justify and perpetuate, their old school habits and their 4% fees and add on costs. ' Fly by Nighters [...]

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Your dream lifestyle property, A peaceful rural vista – one to die for!

I bought a copy of the Local Rag last Saturday – (not that I ever read it anymore, like the majority of Serious Buyers and Property People, I research property online), But I do like to see what the traditional agents are up to every now and then, and just what they're spending those exorbitant fees on - so I had a count up… FIFTY, YES, AROUND 50 PAGES OF [...]

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A fresh approach to real estate

WE WANTED to Build a Real Estate Company with a conscience – one that puts the consumer 1st - then the Salespeople – then the Company…. CHECK   WE WANTED to use universally accepted technology - the Internet, and the change in buyers shopping habits, Internet searching, and a preference to shop at Open Homes, to be able to cut obsolete overheads, and pass the savings on to you CHECK [...]

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40% Saved on commission and costs?

CAPTAIN COMMISSION RIDES, UM, FLIES AGAIN.... One of our Happy Vendors made and sent me this, - Who am I to argue - Love it - they said that, on other Traditional Agents Quotes to sell their Home, ( around $800,000 ), they saved around 15,000 bucks - now that's a real tick for Hamilton's New Model Real Estate Agent - Netzone - doing things differently, and saving home sellers [...]

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